Info Commands

b!anime {anime} -Pulls up info on anime
b!azur {ship} -Pulls up info on a azur lane ship
b!ascii {Text} -Formats text into ascii (Max 15 chars)
b!avatar -Pulls up users avatar
b!channel -Pulls up info on the channel
b!character -Pull up info on a anime character
b!discrim {4 digits} -Search users with that discrim
b!emoji -Pulls up info on emoji (must be a custom emoji)
b!emojis -Shows all emojis in the server
b!enlarge {emoji} -Emoji must be a custom one, no default emojis
b!firstmsg -Pulls up first message on the channel
b!invites -Shows all invites to the server (if there are too many, bot will not send)
b!manga -Pulls up info on a manga
b!members -Pulls up info on server members
b!osu {username} -Pulls up stats on that osu user
b!osucard -Sends users osu card (ex. b!osucard bullfrog098 yellow)
b!roleinfo -Gets info on a role
b!roles -Shows all roles listed top to bottom
b!servericon -Pulls up server pfp
b!serverinfo -Pulls up server info
b!twitch -Pull up info on a twitch user
b!userinfo -Pulls up user info
b!whohas {role} -Pulls up all users with that role

Mod Commands

b!adcheck -Checks for discord invites in users playing statuses
b!addrole -Add a role to a user (b!ar for short)
b!announce -Send a message to a channel
b!ban {user} {reason} -Bans user
b!banlist -Pulls up ban list
b!createemoji -Create emojis
b!kick {user} -Kicks user
b!mute -Mute a user for a certain time
b!nickname -Nickname a user
b!removerole -Remove a users role (b!rr for short)
b!setnsfw -Set a channel to nsfw
b!unban {id} -Unbans user
b!unmute {user} -Unmutes user

Utility Commands

b!age -Get the age of a certain year
b!afk {reason} -Sets you away from keyboard
b!bot -Get a bot invite for any bot
b!calc -Solve simple equations
b!chars -Gets how many characters are in a text
b!checklink -Checks if link is safe
b!choose -Helps you choose something
b!circle -Send with photo to preview it as a circle
b!coinflip -Flips a coin
b!color -Preview a color
b!createinvite -Create a invite for the server
b!currency -Converts money
b!docs {search} -Searches discord.js docs
b!google {search} -Search google through botty
b!grade -Determines your percentage on a assignment
b!gravity -Determines weight on a different planet
b!id -Get a id of a user
b!npm -Gets info on a package
b!prime -Checks if number is a prime number
b!randomcolor -Sends random color
b!remindme in {#s, #h, #d} {reminder} -Reminds you in that time
b!roblox {username} -Gets info on roblox user
b!roll -Role some dice
b!roman -Converts number to Roman numeral
b!shortenurl {long url} -Shortens link extremely
b!strawpoll -Make a straw poll
b!time {timezone} -Pulls up time
b!urban {search} -Searches urban
b!weather {city/state} -Pulls up weather on that place
b!wiki {search} -Searches wiki

Music Commands

b!play {song name/link} -Searches and plays a given song
b!vs -Puts your vote in to skip the current song
b!skip -Skips song (Requires Deafen Members permission)
b!stop -Stops the current song, and leaves channel (Requires Deafen Members permission)
b!np -Shows the song currently playing
b!queue -Pulls song queue up
b!pause -Pauses playback of the current song
b!resume -Resumes playback of the current song
b!loop -Loops queue till command is ran again
b!repeat -Repeats the song till command is ran again
Wanna play a playlist? Do b!play {playlist link}, if there is a video that is gone or privated in the playlist
make sure to take it off so you won't error the bot

-Radio Commands
b!radio -Shows radio stations I support
b!radio {#} -Plays that station b!radiostop -Stops radio, and leaves channel
There is currently a glitch between the radio command and the normal play command,
if you are playing a song and start playing radio it will glitch out the music part of the bot.
To fix this run b!stop and b!radiostop and it should fix it 99% of the time

Mini Games

b!akinator -Akinator a AI that can guess that person your thinking of
b!balloonpop -Who will pop the balloon?
b!battle -Fight another player
b!blackjack -Basic black jack
b!captcha -Beep boop?
b!casino -Play the slots!
b!chance [#] -Attempt to win with a 1 in 1000 (or your choice) chance of winning.
b!doors -Open the right door, and you win! Make the wrong choice, and you get the fire!
b!eer -Emoji battlesssss
b!fish -Maybe catch something?
b!googlefeud -Attempt to determine the top suggestions for a Google search
b!gunfight -Who can type the fastest in this showdown?
b!hangman -Prevent a man from being hanged by guessing a word as fast as you can
b!hg -A hunger games story that plays with the names you put in
b!hogwarts -Take a quiz to determine your Hogwarts house
b!lottery -Attempt to win the lottery with 6 numbers
b!mafia -Play a game of mafia (also called Town of Salem/Werewolf)
b!mathquiz -See how fast you can answer a math problem in a given time limit
b!quiz -Answer a quiz question
b!quizduel -Who knows the most?
b!roulette [space] -Play a game of roulette
b!shoot -Classic 1v1 showdown
b!tictactoe -Play tic-tac-toe with someone
b!typingtest -See how fast you can type a sentence in a given time limit
b!whosthatpokemon -Guess the pokemon
b!wizconvention -Just Mafia with magical roles

Fun Commands

b!8ball {question} -Magic fate decider
b!achievement {text} -Formats text into Minecraft achievement
b!advice -Sends random advice
b!apod -Responds with todays Astronomy Picture of the Day
b!baka -Stupid baka
b!beautify -Grabs last bit of code and puts it in javascript colors
b!belikebill -Be like bill
b!birb -Sends pic of a birb
b!book -Pull up info on a book
b!boop -Boop a user
b!bulbapedia -Search the bulbapedia
b!bunny -Sends pic of bunny
b!butt -Checks how good a users butt is
b!card -Sends a random card
b!casino -Play slots and try to win
b!cat -Sends pic of cat
b!catfact -Sends random cat facts
b!charliecharlie -Ask Charlie a question
b!chucknorris -Sends random Chuck Norris fact
b!compliment -Sends a random compliment
b!contrast -Send with image to add contrast
b!cook -Botty cooks you some food
b!cookie -Give a user a cookie
b!coolness -Checks how cool a user is
b!countdown -Responds with how many days there are until a certain date
b!createqr -Make a qr code
b!cry -Cry
b!crypto -Sends random key
b!cuddle -Cuddle a user
b!demotivational -Makes a demotivational poster out of a users avatar
b!dicksize -Checks out your package size
b!distort -Distort a users avatar
b!dog -Sends pic of dog
b!dogfact -Sends random dog facts
b!drawcards -Draw a certain number of cards
b!element -Pulls up a element from the periodic table
b!esrb -Gets ESRB rating of a game
b!fact -Sends random fact
b!factcore -Sends random fact core
b!feed -Feed a user
b!fire -Send with image to put fire around the image
b!fortune -Sends a fortune
b!fox -Sends a pic of a fox
b!foxgirl -Sends a pic of a fox girl
b!frame -Send with image to put frame around it
b!furryspeak -Furry speak
b!gender {name} -Guesses what gender that name is for
b!giphy -Searches for gif
b!githubzen -Sends a random GitHub design philosophy
b!glitch -Send with image to put a glitch affect on it
b!googledoodle -Responds with a Google Doodle, either the latest one or a random one from the past
b!greyscale -Send with image to make it black and white
b!gru -Grus plan meme format
b!guesslooks -Guesses a users looks
b!highfive -Highfive a user
b!horoscope -Sends horoscope of the day
b!hug -Hug a user
b!husky -Sends a picture of a husky
b!ifunny -Send with image to put a ifunny logo at the bottom
b!illegal -Trump illegal meme format
b!imgur -Searches for a image on Imgur
b!invert -Send with image to invert colors
b!ip -Pretend to get a users ip
b!iq -Guesses a users iq
b!joke -Sends a random joke
b!kill {user} -A chance to kill someone!
b!kiss -Kiss a user
b!kissmarrykill -Chooses who to kiss, marry, and kill
b!kyongun -Send with image
b!lizard -Sends a lizard
b!lotto -Sends your lucky numbers
b!magicconch -Ask the Magic Conch a question
b!meme -Sends a meme from a subreddit
b!minecraftskin -Sends Minecraft skin of user
b!movie -Gets info on a movie
b!name -Sends random name
b!nasa -Pull up a random photo from nasa
b!neko -Bot creators fav command
b!newpassword -Strong/weak password meme format
b!nikead -Nike meme format
b!numberfact -Get a random fact on a number
b!offspring -Determines if your new child will be a boy or a girl.
b!opinion -Gets botty’s opinion
b!owo -Sends owo
b!pat -Pat a user
b!pixelize -Send with image to pixelize the image
b!poke -Poke a user
b!pokedex -Gets info on a Pokemon
b!pokefuse {pokemon} {pokemon} -Fuses pokemon
b!poll -Pulls up how to use polls
b!pout -Allows you to pout
b!pug -Sends as picture of a pug
b!pun -Sends random pun
b!qcoin -Flips a coin that lands on some form of nothing
b!rainbow -Send with image to put a rainbow over it
b!random -Pulls up a random user
b!randomuser -Picks random user without pinging them
b!rate -Rates it
b!readqr -Send with qr code to read it
b!recipe -Pulls up a recipe
b!reddit -Pulls up info on a user
b!rejected -Send with image to put a rejected stamp over it
b!rem -Sends pick of rem
b!roast -Roast someone
b!robohash -Creates a robot based on the text you provide
b!rps -Rock, paper, scissors
b!rquote -Sends random quote
b!rtomatoes -Gets ratings on a movie
b!rule {1-47} -Sends that rule of the internet
b!scrabble -Gives you how many points that word is
b!sepia -Send with image to put sepia over it
b!shiba -Sends random shiba
b!shieldsio -Make a shield io badge
b!ship {user} {user} -Gives percentage of that ship working
b!showerthoughts -Sends random thought
b!silhouette -Send with image to make it black
b!slap -Slap a user
b!smug -Look smug
b!soraselfie -Send with image to make sora take a selfie with it
b!soundboard -Soundboard for vc
b!spoiler -Super annoying spoiler text
b!steam -Search steam for a game
b!subreddit -Gets random post form subreddit
b!superpower -Sends you a super power
b!tenor -Searches for gif
b!thisforthat -So, basically, it\'s like a bot command for this dumb meme
b!tickle -Tickle a user
b!tint -Send with image to tint image with named color
b!tiny {text} -Makes text tiny
b!today -Shows events that happen on this day in history
b!token -Pulls up bots token
b!turtle -Sends a picture of a turtle
b!tvshow -Gets info on a tv show
b!tweet {text} -Donald Trump tweet
b!vietnam -Send with image to make a vietnam flashback
b!wouldyourather -Sends a random would you rather question (b!wyr for short)

Text Edit

b!base64 -Encode or decode base64
b!binary -Puts your text in binary
b!braille -Puts your text in braille
b!clap -Makes👏your👏text👏like👏this
b!cowsay -Have a cow say it
b!cursive -Puts your text in 𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒾𝓋𝑒
b!dvorak -Puts your text in dvorak
b!emojify -🇪 🇽 🇦 🇲 🇵 🇱 🇪
b!fancy -Makes your text 𝔣𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔶
b!fliptext {text} -Flips text uʍop ǝpᴉsdn
b!furry -This command was the wowst idea evew >w<
b!hex -Puts out your text in hex
b!latlmes -News
b!lmgtfy -Let me google that for you
b!lowercase -Sends all the text in lowercase
b!md5 -Convert text into md5
b!mocking -Its prETtY sElf eXplANAtoRy
b!morse -Converts text into morse
b!nobodyname -Converts text into the Organization XIII style
b!piglatin -Inkoay (oink)
b!pirate -Dis be how thar command works
b!portal -Sends a message to a random server, channel must have <portal> in description to receive
b!reverse -txet sereveR
b!sha1 -Turns text into sha-1
b!sha256 -Turns text into sha-256
b!ship-name -Merges names
b!shuffle -Shuffles up ettx
b!snakespeak -Turnsssss text into sssssnake ssssspeak
b!superscript -Turns text into ˢᵘᵖᵉʳˢᶜʳᶦᵖᵗ
b!tebahpla -Reveres the alphabet
b!temmie -Turns text into temmiy speack
b!urlencode -Makes%20the%20text%20look%20url%20style
b!zalgo {text} -Puts text in z̊aͪľg̐o̽̑ f̷ͥö́r̤m͘a̋t̐

Profile Pic Fun

(b!db for short)
(b!ling for short)
(b!lwkh for short)
(b!snp for short)

Nsfw Commands

b!fuck {@user} -Fucks a user
b!4k, b!amateur, b!asian, b!ass,
b!bbw, b!boobs, b!dick, b!dicpic,
b!gif, b!hentai, b!lesbian, b!bdsm,
b!milf, b!penis, b!femboy, b!cosplay,
b!public, b!pussy, b!neko, b!redhead,
b!petite, b!thighs, b!pool, b!uniform,
b!bowsette, b!snapchat, b!pizzatime,
b!ghentai, b!nekogif, b!kemonomimi, b!holo

b!nsfw {search} -Sends a picture related to search
b!tags {search} -Pulls up tags releted to the search to make searching easier
b!r34 {search} -Searches r34
b!e6 {search} -Searches e621

Support Commands

b!donate -Donation link
b!invite -Sends invite link for the bot
b!ping -Ping pong
b!reportbug {bug} -Report a bug to staff!
b!server -Invite to support server
b!up -Shows how long bot has been up
b!website -Pulls up link to website